Quiz 7 : GK Quiz for All Exams

Following quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to General Knowledge. You will have to read all the given answers and click over the correct answer & check your score the end of the quiz.

Question 1

Which among the following is the largest Bay in the world?


Question 2

 Rashtriya Panchayat is the Parliament of__________.


Question 3

Which among the following is not a type of farming (agriculture)?


Question 4

________was the first Indian woman who received the Bharat Ratna.


Question 5

The ‘Wellington Trophy’ is related to____.


Question 6

Which among the following cities is known for the ship-building?


Question 7

The mountain Great Dividing Range is located in________.


Question 8

Which among the following is popular as Queen of the Adriatic?


Question 9

______is the first Indian woman who became the Miss World.


Question 10

Which among the following is the largest National Park in the world?


Question 11

 National Botanical Research Institute is located in________.


Question 12

Majlis is the Parliament of______.


Question 13

Who among the following was the first woman President of a country (in the world)?


Question 14

 Rani Ji Ki Bawadi is located in______.


Question 15

Atomic Energy Commission is located in______.

Question 16

The classical/folk dances namely Nautanki and Raslila belong to_________.


Question 17

Air Force Academy is located in______.


Question 18

The book, ‘Golden Threshold,’ was written by______.


Question 19

Statue of Liberty is located in_______.


Question 20

Which one of the following is not the headquarters of railway zones?


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