ATM Full Form, What is the full form of ATM?

ATM Full Form, What is the Full form of ATM?What does ATM stand for?

The Full Form of ATM is Automatic Teller Machine.

In this article, we will know what is the full form of ATM, what is ATM, ATM Stands For & ATM meaning? Today we will read about the full form of ATM. If you are looking for answers to these questions related to ATM , then this Article is for you. All these topics related to ATM and ATM full form, will be discussed here in details.

What is the Full Form of ATM? Friends, today we will know the full form of ATM in this post. All of us have heard the name of ATM at some time or other, but we do not know what is the full form of ATM, so I am writing this post, in this post you will be told the full form of ATM. Friends, along with the full form of ATM, we will know more about ATMs because knowing only the full form of ATM will not be enough. So friends, let’s know what is ATM Full Form.

ATM Full Form – What does ATM mean?

ATM Full Form is Automatic teller machine. The ATM is an electro-mechnical machine that is used for financial transactions from a bank account. Money is withdrawn from our personal account with Automatic Teller Machine.

The Full Form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine . It has been developed by financial organizations. It is mostly used by banks. The ATM is designed to provide cash withdrawal facility to the customers.

We often use ATMs. But we do not know it. What is the full form of ATM? Often people ask us about ATMs to get money from ATMs. So let us know today. ATM Full Form in English- “Automatic Teller Machine”.

ATM is used exclusively to withdraw money. Almost all banks have been installed here. There are 22 nationalized banks in India and there are other private banks also install ATM machines in almost all banks. It has been working in India for a long time, the money deposited in this ATM used to be withdrawn, but now many of their works are being done from the ATM.

ATM is a machine that has made the lives of all of us easy. Due to having an ATM, we are saved from wasting a lot of time, otherwise we have to go to the bank and take paperwork to withdraw money, which is a waste of time. Nowadays 80% of the people use ATMs to withdraw money, in the coming time, others will also use ATMs because at present, how many areas of the village do not have ATM facility. Our country is growing more and development cannot be done till all the technology reaches every village, so the government is trying its best to ensure that ATM facility is available everywhere.

To use the ATM, the bank gives us a debit / credit card which has to be inserted inside the ATM and type its ATM PIN. After this, you have to type all the money you want to withdraw from your account and you will have to type in the ATM in a few seconds. This is a very easy way to withdraw money, ATM is that it can be used 24/7. On the other hand, if you go to the bank, to get the money, there is paperwork, which is just a waste of time, from the top the banks would not open 24/7. In such a situation, if you ever go to withdraw money from an emergency, the bank can also be closed, but the ATM will always be open in your service. ATM card given by the bank such as debit / credit card which you use for ATM can also be used for online shopping / recharge.

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To understand the meaning of ATM Full Form, you must first understand the meaning of the word Teller. Teller speaks to the person who gives details of bank transactions and operations of customers in the bank such as depositing money, giving money and transactions of bank account.

In the bank, we call such a person (teller) a clerk or cashier i.e. ATM is an automated teller machine. Bank gives its customers a magnetically encoded plastic card and a code number to use an ATM.

Whenever you place an ATM card in any ATM, that ATM reads all the hidden details of that bank customer from the magnetic encoded strip present on that card and allows the account transactions and bank operations to be allowed to the customer.

If you went to SBI for any small work like money transfer, then you have to waste 2-3 hours. Take the token first, then fill the form and then wait for your number in the long-long line. There are many such problems, due to which many customers go to SBI seems like a nightmare.

In today’s time, technology has become so angry that without going to the bank, you can withdraw your money easily and you can transfer your money from one place to another. There will be no time waste in this.

ATM Full Form: What does ATM stand for?

The full form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine . ATM is a type of machine which was first found in London in 1967 and it was invented by John Shepherd-Barron . With the help of ATM, you can withdraw money without going to the bank. ATMs are also of two types, the first ATM gives you information only about withdrawing money and account balance; in the second ATM you can deposit money, make credit card payments and also get account information. ATM is used only by bank customers for money transactions. Users can access their accounts with a special type of plastic card.

Two types of cards are mainly used to withdraw money from ATMs: debit card and credit card. But debit cards are more used than credit cards.

The real credit for the invention of the ATM goes to an American citizen named Luther George Simjian . In 1939, he had designed an ATM concept machine, which he named Bankmatic . Initially no one accepted the ATM and this invention was not successful but later some changes were made due to which more people do not know the name of this inventor and people do not know that the original idea of ​​the ATM was from them.

Type Of ATM Machine

Withdraw cash
Deposit cash

Key functions of ATMs :

To use it, a card is issued by banks to its customers. Which is called ATM Card . It is also called Debit Card . ATM can be used only by this, some of its main functions are as follows

  • To withdraw cash from ATM
  • To transfer money from your account to another account.
  • To get information about the account.
  • ATM cards can also be used to make online payments.
  • To change the PIN of your cards.
  • The money deposited through ATM can be withdrawn and the balance left and balance information can be obtained in one slip.
  • Money can be deposited through ATM, and balance can be obtained with slip.
  • Mobile Number can be registered through ATM and massage alert can be obtained.
  • PIN code and new PIN can be obtained.
  • Money can be transferred to another’s account.
  • Money can be transferred to another ATM Card or account through ATM Card.
  • Bill can be paid for any public or private institution or work.
  • Shopping and shopping and fees can be deposited.

Benefits of ATMs :

  • After coming to the ATM, every customer now has more convenience in the transaction of money.
  • Earlier, they had to run after the bank employees to withdraw cash from their account.
  • But now customers can get their money from ATM facility.
  • If you have an account in any bank, then get your ATM card made from that bank.
  • Because to withdraw money from ATM you will need ATM Card.
  • You will be given a 4 digit code of ATM card which is the secret code.
  • ATM facility is available 24 hours a day. You can withdraw money from ATM whenever you want.
  • Today, ATMs of all banks are used in India. Like- SBI, BOB. BOI, ICIC Bank etc. are used.
  • ATM facilities are available 24 hours a day so that it can be used at any time.
  • Nowadays, whether you talk about the village or the city ATM, you will find it everywhere.
  • PIN is required to use ATM, if your ATM card is also lost, no money can be withdrawn.
  • ATM works very fast, you get the same amount of money you want at the same time.
  • Nowadays, all banks offer ATM facility to their customers.
  • You can register a mobile number with your ATM so that you can get information about every transaction on your mobile number.
  • The bank charges separately for ATM facility.
  • Go to the ATM that has the card, otherwise a separate charge is taken.
  • While entering the PIN, check that no one is keeping an eye on you and also change your ATM PIN from time to time.
  • You can also use ATM cards such as debit / credit cards for online shopping and recharge.

How ATM works :

To use ATM, you need to insert plastic ATM cards inside ATM machines. In some machines you have to drop your cards. Some machines allow card swaps, these ATM cards contain your account details and other security information in the form of a magnetic stripe. When you drop / swap your card, the machine gets your account information, and that is your PIN no. After successful authentication, the machine will allow financial transactions.

Some interesting facts about ATM :

Today, everyone uses ATM, but it also has such interesting facts that very few people know.Some such things are given below:

  • The ATM is believed to have been invented by John Shepherd Barron, a Scottish citizen.One day in 1965 AD, when Barron went to take cash from the bank, he found the bank closed. Due to which he got the idea that why not build a machine that can withdraw cash round the clock.
  • It took almost 2 years to make John Shepherd Barron the first ATM machine.
  • John Shepherd Barron wanted the Pin Code to be 6 digits but his wife was having trouble remembering 6 digits so he created a 4 digit Pin Code.
  • ATM facility in India first came in 1987 AD. It was commissioned by Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) in Mumbai.
  • Gold is also extracted from not only cash but ATM machine. However, this facility is not available in every ATM. This facility is available only in the lobby of Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. From there, 320 gold jewelery can be extracted.
  • Not only on-ground ATM Floating also happens. The first Floating ATM was set up in India by SBI in Kerala. This was a huge initiative.
  • There are some such ATMs, there is no need for a bank account. But such facility is available only in European countries such as Romania. It may take time to come to such ATMs in INDIA.
  • Inventor, who created ATM, was born in India.
  • There is a GPS inside the ATM machine so that even if it is stolen, its location can be easily detected.
  • If the cash is forced out of the ATM, then the ink kept in it spoils all the cash.

You can read the Wikipedia Information about ATM here.

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